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Guelph Solar Mechanical Inc., installers of photovoltaic PV solar panel systems, solar thermal hot water systems and solar pool heaters in Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Puslinch and Wellington County, Ontario.

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Commercial Installation 

Invest in your Property and generate your own power

If you have a rooftop space with at least 15,000 sq. ft., you can produce your own energy and lock in your hydro rates. Energy rates are ever increasing and by installing your own power, you will protect yourself from these price hikes and inflation. 

Criteria of a good solar roof (Contact us for a free assessment)

  • The roof of the facility is in good condition and sloped towards the right direction.
  • There is capacity on the local electrical grid to allow solar power to be added. We determine this for you.
  • Southerly roofs are highest-performing, but east-west roofs also work.

Guelph Solar will get the project construction-ready

1. Perform a consultation to determine that there is capacity to connect.

2. Assess your facility to estimate the energy production.

3. Budget the solar photovoltaic project and develop part ownership proposal (if applicable).

4. Perform preliminary structural assessment.

5. Obtain all relevant permits and construct the project with in-house staff.

6. Connect you with a co-op that can invest in the project if required. - see Community-Owned Renewable Energy below.

Guelph Solar will construct and commission the system

Installation and Project Managers can help you build your commercial rooftop solar projects. With experience on built up roofs, ballasted and non-ballasted, EPDM and sloped roofs, Guelph Solar has completed the following;

  1. Mechanical installation
  2. Interconnection studies and approvals
  3. Electrical installation, for optimized and string systems
  4. Intermediate step up transformer installation
  5. Co-ordination and approvals with ESA and LDCs
  6. Operation and Maintenance - keep the system working optimally. If you have an existing project that you wish serviced (incl. monitoring, operation quality control, damage, re-roof or snow clearing), Guelph Solar staff is here to help. For more information, click here.

To inquire, contact Anton Lamers at or 519.820.9203.

Community-Owned Renewable Energy

Guelph Solar is working with local renewable energy co-operatives to complete rooftop solar projects in Wellington, Guelph, and Peel. We apply as the highest priority co-op projects to greatly increase the chances of projects being approved and financed.

Guelph Solar is working with CED Co-op and GRECO in Wellington, Guelph and Halton for developing large-scale commercial solar projects. Become a member of the Co-op to support and invest in your community's solar projects.

Call today for a quote on your solar project: (519) 820-9203

Guelph Solar installed the two systems on the buildings on the right in cooperation with CED Co-op. These systems are at Massey and Lewis Rd in Guelph.