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Extend your summer and eliminate energy costs by running your pool with solar. Guelph Solar installs quality equipment with long warranties. We also service and maintain most brands of solar pool heating systems. Our solar technicians have over 25 years of combined experience dealing with solar pool heater systems.

Save on gas costs with a Solar Pool Heater

Installing a solar pool heating system is a great way to:

  • Lengthen your swimming season.
  • Heat your pool 3-4°C (6-10°F) every sunny day!
  • Save between $700 to $1000 per year on gas heating.
  • Add value to your home.
  • Use a renewable energy source.

A solar pool heating system is one of the most cost effective and environmentally friendly ways to warm your pool. We hope that you decide to make the investment for your home!

To learn more about if solar pool heating is the right option for you please check this blog! 

   Technosolis solar pool heater   

Save electricity with a Solar Pool Pump or Pond Pump

Installing a solar pool pumping system is a great way to:

  • Save between $800 to $1,200 per year by unplugging a huge consumer of electricity
  • Add value to your home
  • Clean your pool with a renewable energy source.
  • Eliminate the electrical costs of a sparkling clean pool.

Relax knowing that your maintenance-free solar pool pumping system is a great environmental and economical choice.

Solar pool system diagram

"I'm just over the moon with how well the solar pool heater works. I can hardly get the kids out of the pool. It was 90F yesterday. And I like how efficient it is. Thanks!"

                                - L. Cressman, Kitchener