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MiniSplit Heating and Cooling Systems

As an energy company, Guelph Solar has expanded our product line to include Ductless MiniSplit Cooling and Heating Solutions as a high efficiency home solution.


MiniSplit systems include air-to-air Daikin Heat Pumps which can be powered by solar panels or hydro to further reduce electrical operational costs. These systems can be used as supplemental cooling/heating for specific rooms or for the entire house and can replace the majority of the load on electric heating or furnace systems.

Some features of our systems:


Daikin ductless heat pumps are all-in-one cooling and heating solutions, offering comfortable warm heating during the shoulder and winter seasons, and cool, dehumidified air conditioning for the hot summer months.


The system's Smart Inverter Technology adjusts the power used to suit the actual requirements and maintain desired room conditions, reducing energy consumption by up to 30% or more compared to traditional fixed speed duct systems.


The whisper quiet systems feature ultra-low indoor and outdoor operating sound levels.


Daikin’s intelligent eye occupancy sensor controls comfort and conserves energy. If the room is empty for 20 minutes it changes the set point to start saving energy. As soon as someone enters the room, it immediately returns to the original setting. Regular use of this feature can provide additional energy savings of up to 20% or more.

The systems have the option to be controlled wirelessly.

Ductless MiniSplit systems can also be used in:

  • Apartment buildings (common heating, common electrical meters)
  • Restaurants
  • Motels
  • Hotels
  • Office buildings
  • Retirement homes
  • Condominiums
  • Manufacturing plants, offices, shops
  • Retail stores and shopping malls