Guelph Solar Mechanical Inc., installers of photovoltaic PV solar panel systems, solar thermal hot water systems and solar pool heaters in Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Puslinch and Wellington County, Ontario.

Control rising energy costs 
with your local solar installer


Add more joy to sunny days, knowing that they're making you money.

Our main offer for solar on your home is a MicroFIT system. Getting solar panels on your roof is incredibly simple.

1      Guelph Solar performs Free assessment.

2     You decide to Go Solar.

3      For the next 20 years, you get a cheque every month.

It really is that simple.

* Your house revenue varies depending on roof size and solar aspect. Contact us today to find out your potential.

As part of our free quote, we'll measure your roof's potential with a Solar Pathfinder and tell you exactly how much you'll earn - conservatively. 

Guelph Solar handles all the details, from the MicroFIT application, building permit, electricians, etc. Even the squirrels! We do it all.

There are many ways to finance a solar installation from home equity line of credit to 3rd party financing. We can help you look at these options so you can optimize your revenue in the long-term.

Contact us, and and we'll help you start harnessing the sun's energy.

Some quick info about our systems:

  • They're warrantied for 25 years. 
  • The government pays for all of the energy you produce. 
  • You remain connected to the grid.
  • Our systems will last over 30 years. 

Have more questions? 

Check out our FAQ page.

Other systems we install:


Pool heating and pumping

Battery back up

Net Metering

Ductless mini splits

Heat pumps

Maintenance and Operation

A MicroFIT system installed in Guelph in 2016.